Songs My Grandmother Sang

year: 1993 rev.2000    instrumentation: arrangements for voice and piano   

“These are affectionate and capricious arrangements of songs that were indeed the sort of music to be found in many piano stools through the early part of the twentieth century, music that might have been sung around the piano before passive music-making became domestic with the advent of the gramophone, radio and television”.

John Elmsly

“Invariably, mature age is a time for surrendering to seductive nostalgia and sentimentality, the very things one had previously studiously avoided. But the challenge is to find true beauty in the banal and mystery in common cliché, something I attempted in my several settings of old songs, remembering my dear, departed paternal grandmother and also my hale and hearty 100 year-old father, whose musical tastes extend little further than old style tunes like these.”


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