Eights On My Teaching

year: 1997    instrumentation: orchestra and narrator   
dedicated to: Lou Harrison on the occasion of his 80th birthday
score sample: click here

A setting of a poem by Lou Harrison. Commissioned by the Cabrillo Music Festival, 1997 in honour of Lou Harrison’s 80th birthday

“Dear Lou

A small offering for your grand occasion – I’m sorry I can’t be there to share it. And apologies for not first seeking your permission to use your beautiful EIGHTS ON MY TEACHING, but that would have spoilt the surprise! And so I hereby ask you in retrospect. It is a poem which I am truly beginning to identify with. Like you, I enjoy my contact with young people through teaching, though I sometimes despair for them, and lament the limits of my capacity to help them as far as I would wish.

But the poem also has another close association for me; I notice that you began to write it in Wellington, and perhaps even at a time that you were staying in my home? I would like to imagine so.

A big birthday hug to you from Wellington!”

– Jack

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