year: 1989     concept, images and sound: Jack Body
electronic design and programming: David Crossan
commissioned by and exhibited at: Wellington City Art Gallery

Citywalk relates specifically to the city of Wellington. The installation recreates three dimensional impressions of the city in images and sound. The images are controlled by the movements of spectators within the space. A computer system controls the movement of the images. The sound portrays both the external environment and the internal private world of the people within it.

We think of a city as the buildings of a city. But a city lives - justifies its existence - through the people who live in it, work there and move through the streets. Among a crowd in the city we often see other people as a faceless throng - masked robots, insulated from and responsive to each other. In actuality each carries with them an individual world of perceptions and experience. The faceless throng conceals worlds of emotions, motivations and inner monologues.